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ARTISTINTHEWORLD travels through the art world with the aim of photographing as many artists as possible in their studio, always with their backs to the viewer. The homage focuses on connecting people, respecting them, appreciating them, celebrating the diversity of life in terms of background, experience and perspective, and thus making a reality visible in a series of special encounters. In these short meetings we share the studio with the common goal of taking the best possible photo. The photo series with 6200 photos includes the PLAYLIST (600 agenda drawings), linkMap (120 drawings and zines), 6 AITW HUBSA AIR'S, 100 HUBSA ROCKS, POP-UP shows and murals worldwide.      



ROBIN BECKER is a Rotterdam-based artistic researcher working at the intersection of music composition, performance and visual art. He explores experimentalism as a strategy of resistance, relying heavily on methods such as indeterminacy, improvisation and collaboration. He completed his master's degree at the University of Amsterdam in 2022, his bachelor's degree at University College Roosevelt, and studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Since then he has exhibited and performed at Nieuw Dakota-Amsterdam, AVL Mundo-Rotterdam, and Pictura-Dordrecht, among others. In 2023 he had his first solo exhibition at WOLk-Rotterdam. 

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LOUISE FARRENC, Born in Paris in 1805, he began studying composition, music theory and instrumentation in addition to piano at the age of 15. From 1834 onwards she composed her first orchestral works, the Air russe varié (op. 17), which had its first public success. As an instrumental professor of piano at the Paris Conservatoire, she achieved this through petitions to the director of equal pay. Her greatest success was the premiere of the Third Symphony, Op. 36, in 1849 with the Conservatory Orchestra. The premiere of the Nonet Op. 38 followed in 1850. After the death of her daughter in 1859 and her husband in 1865, she hardly composed any more. She continued to teach at the conservatory until 1872 and died in Paris in 1875. CargoSpaceConcerts


Sound artist ASAKO FUJIMOTO is interested in sonic representations of nature, 

algorithmic composition, new media, audiovisual installation performances and 

theater/film collaborations. After musical beginnings in the New York electronic music scene with analog and digital synthesizers and acoustic field recordings, she appears as a singer in solo projects and has worked with several groups on tours and releases. Living in Europe, she began working on sound design for multimedia art installations, spatial audio and algorithmic compositions exhibited at e.g. ZKM, European Capital of Culture, Venice Biennale, Athens Digital Art Festival, Hermitage Museum, etc.   CargoSpaceConcerts

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ALEKSANDER GABRYŚ Polish Upper Silesia, in Basel since 1999. His broad compositional work for various border-breaking ensembles, partly dedicated to his adopted homeland, has been made possible several times by the Music BS/BL specialist committee. As a soloist and chamber musician, he has performed at festivals and in concert series with several renowned ensembles in most European countries as well as on both American continents. He is the recipient and interpreter of many works by highly respected composers dedicated to him. At the invitation of Stanford University in California, he led a performance and composition course there in 2020.     CargoSpaceConcerts


RYSZARD GABRYŚ studied composition at the State University of Music in Katowice and with Konstanty Regamey in Lausanne. He met Edison Denisow, Sofia Gubaidulina and Alfred Schnittke. His works have been performed at, among others, the Warsaw Autumn, the Silesian Days of Contemporary Music, in the Czech Republic, in Western and Eastern European countries and in New York. His essays on 20th century music and the “Silesian School of Composition” appeared in academic journals such as “Res facta”. He hosts the program “Towards New Music” on Polish Radio. He won the Stanisław Ligoń Polish Radio Prize for around 300 programs on the latest music.     CargoSpaceConcerts


FOJAN GHARIBNEJAD, a Kurdish-Iranian composer born in Tehran, received percussion and later violin lessons for 4 years. After graduating from the Tehran Music College, she went to the Tehran University of Art. She soon worked with numerous orchestras and ensembles, including the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra. She continued her studies in composition and music theory at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy University of Music and Theater in Leipzig. It has received numerous national and international awards and is performed by outstanding contemporary music ensembles in contemporary music festivals and concert series around the world. CargoSpaceConcerts  

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 FILIPPO GILLONO is a guitarist and improviser. He is an active member of the experimental and improvised scene in Turin and Berlin. Over the past years he has been working internationally with the trio Naso 2, the italian collective Pietra Tonale, Salmoni. He recently joined the contemporary ensemble GAME and an advanced master in contemporary music led by Ictus ensemble at KASK conservatorium.    CargoSpaceConcerts

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After completing his master‘s degree in fine arts and new media with a focus on stage design in 2008, the French media artist MAXIME LETHELIER developed his works in various areas as interactive installations, augmented stage design for theater or interactive visual solutions for music or video content. He explores real-time data sets, monitors them in online databases, implements custom sensor solutions, focuses on using personalized and handcrafted display techniques to fuse these artistic aspects. He collaborated with several theater groups and musicians to create transmedia projects.  CargoSpaceConcerts

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NIKI NEECKE, born in Freiburg DE, grew up in Basel, lives in Berlin, studied at the Basel School of Design and “Audio Design” with Wolfgang Heiniger and Thomas Kessler at the Basel Music Academy. He works as a freelance musician, sound designer and composer for stage, film and sound art internationally and for various forms of theater, in long-term collaboration with well-known directors at state theaters as well as in the independent scene, including contemporary, concert setting of silent films, conception and realization of walk-in, interactive sound installations and sound game objects under the labels “SONOgames” and “Useful_Updates”  CargoSpaceGallery  PerformanceDrives        CargoSpaceConcerts

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ANITA MAÏMOUNA NEUHAUS, Dancer, performer. She uses the body to think about questions such as identity or freedom. She also dances to heal. Wind, heat, piercing cold and violent emotions are their driving forces. When she dances, perhaps figure skating, capoeira, or other practices that have transcended time, the ocean, and other obstacles come to mind.


NILOUFAR NOURBAKHSH, Described as "crass" by WNPR and "darkly lyrical" by the New York Times, her music was considered a glorious laureate after studies with Lisa Weiss, Kendall Kennison, Laura Kaminsky, Daniel Weymouth, Matthew Barnson, Margaret Schedel and Daria Semegen all commissioned in the USA by major symphony orchestras and contemporary chamber music ensembles and performed at renowned festivals. As a founding member and co-director of the Iranian Female Composers Association, she is committed to music education. She is co-artistic director of the Peabody Conservatory Laptop Orchestra and performs regularly with her ensemble Decipher. She received a Ph.D. at Stony Brook University with Sheila Silver.  CargoSpaceConcerts  

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The flautist SERAINA RAMSEIER, currently studying for a master's degree at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva, is interested in music of all styles, especially contemporary music. She continued her education at the youth orchestra course at the Menuhin Festival Gstaad, at festivals and academies such as the Sommerakademie Darmstadt, the Ensemble Akademie Recherche, with a central enthusiasm for the works of K. Stockhausen and performed, among others. with the ensemble Ars Nova. She received several prizes in Basel as well as second prize at the Swiss Youth Music Competition and performs as an orchestral, chamber musician and soloist. She has been on the board of the FMD, ForumMusicDiversity Switzerland, since 2020.​  CargoSpaceConcerts           

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EERO SCHOCH born in Basel in 2002, is a young talent with South Korean/Swiss roots, both parents successfully working in the fine arts. He dedicated himself to demanding piano music early on. At the age of 19 he began performing with advanced professional students at the Basel Music Academy. His free spirit and well-balanced, casual, passionate approach to music and art brought him into contact and collaboration with many important and interesting personalities in his early years. CargoSpaceConcerts

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TRIO CAOS was founded in 2023 and consists of three musicians with different cultural and musical backgrounds. Teresa De Broeck, a Belgian-Portuguese flautist, Alina Mayer Whitla, a Canadian-Romanian cellist who grew up in Ireland, and Valerio Tesoro, an Italian pianist from Rome. They study together and as a trio at the Basel University of Music with Anna Gebert and François Benda. As a chamber music ensemble, they were particularly active and developed a special passion together. Through participation in competitions, regular concerts and recordings, they have embarked on a promising career.


ERIK ULMAN, lecturer at Stanford University, after studying with Brian Ferneyhough and Helmut Lachenmann, he received awards such as a commission from the Fromm Foundation Harvard Hewlett scholarship, a portrait concert at the Museo Jumex Mexico City and he was the main composer of the wasteLAND concert series in Los Angeles. His music has been performed by renowned performers such as the Arditti Quartet, Séverine Ballon, Claire Chase, the Formalist Quartet, Mari Kawamura and Élise Roy. Ulman’s essays on music, film and literature appeared in various magazines and books. He is also an experienced violinist, particularly as a member of the sfSoundGroup. Since 2004, Ulman and Marcia Scott have organized fourteen Poto Festivals, a forum for artists of various media.     CargoSpaceConcerts 

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MARJA VAN PUTTEN, Amsterdam, influenced by the period of squatting and the feminist movement,  concentrates exploring the boundaries of materials on the combination of paint and textiles, alternating between coarse and fine, fine brushes or brooms, small sequins and frayed pieces of fabric, large stitches on the canvas, etc. Through unusual combinations and juxtaposition of contrasts, an underlying tension can be felt in her abstract works. She loves large works to combine monumentally large shapes and very small details in one piece. She is currently working on 3D works to make her work even more formally radical. She also organizes art projects.. ​    CargoSpaceGallery

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Pianist, improviser and composer ELI WALLACE  lives in Brooklyn, NYC. He leads his own projects and co-productions with like-minded artists, with a preference for free improvisation, and enjoys elaborate piano preparations, which, according to John Lewis (The Guardian) :“...push the boundaries of the prepared piano”. His compositions use notation strategies to expand the way sound is produced and how ensembles interact. Over the last decade he has appeared on dozens of albums and performed at venues such as The Stone in New York NYC, Roulette in Brooklyn NYC and Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL, Mizzou International Composers Festival, Columbia, MI, and Cave 12 , Geneva, Switzerland.  CargoSpaceConcerts


The pianist XICORIBAS, during his bachelor's degree in classical piano and master's degree in improvisation in Barcelona and then his master's degree in live electronics in Amsterdam, found his way of composing, producing generative electronics with varying levels of noise or unpredictability, with a strong focus on sound art, experimentation and improvisation. His music draws on a wide range of styles from nostalgic impressionism to harsh noise, ambient maximalism, samplephonics to instrumental post-punk, all under the influence of the unpredictable.    CargoSpaceConcerts

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Dr. MARC YEATS, Composer & visual artist, with key concerns such as transduction, complex surface relationships, asynchronous and polytemporal orientations, contextual, harmonic and temporal ambiguities, polarized intensities and a visceral sonic joy, is performed and broadcast worldwide by renowned orchestras, ensembles, and soloists. Breathtakingly original, influential and creative, Marc continued his research into mobile technologies and a range of timecode-based polytemporal structural composition approaches in a lively exchange of ideas with the late Sir Peter Maxwell DaviesYeats, which continues. Marc's music is released via Composers Edition. CargoSpaceConcerts

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Living and working on board of her cultural freighter Lorin in CH/FR/DE/NL, she has been initiating her projects with an avant-garde, interdisciplinary and boundary-breaking character since 1987, after receiving a.o. the music prize from the Kiefer Hablitzel Foundation, initially exclusively as a concert pianist. From 1990 to the present time, she has developed as a composer, performer with or without voice and as a visual artist to become a conceptual artist. In Holland she has initially made a name for herself as a visual artist through exhibitions at Art Rotterdam, Aanschouw Rotterdam, the Kaalstaart Festival in Breda and Amstedam, and the NECK OF THE WOODS gallery, Rotterdam. Interdisciplinary performances followed in Koffie&Ambacht, Roodkapje, Worm etc. Collaboration with international media, Alex Buess, Barbara Doll, Karin Dornbusch, Saskia Edens, Sonja Feldmeier, Aleksander Gabrys, Charlotte Hug, Adrian Laugsch, Eung Kwang Lee, Heinrich Lüber, Ueli Michel, Niki Neecke, Pauline Oliveros, Kaija Saariaho, Marianne Schröder, Shazeb Arif Shaikh, James Tenney, Lotta Wennäkoski, Jürg Wyttenbach, Iannis Xenakis, Agata Zubel and others. In 1998 she founded the ensemble LE DONNE IDEALI with, among others, Pauline Oliveros Portrait, KOREAexchange, ScAnDiNaViAnCoOkIeS, Giornate delle donne ideali and guests on International Women's Day and POLAND - WHERE ARE YOU?! In 2002 the syndromics variation band followed with works by, among others, Alex Buess, Conlon Nancarrow, Iannis MËTSA YABI y sus DRIVINGSOUNDS and intensifying the visual disciplines, she creates the production facility Kulturfrachter Lorin and founds her art company d r i v i n g s o u n d s & a r t s. Their activities take place in the cultural centers of Europe, North/South America and India. Since 2020 she has been President of the FMD, ForumMusicDiversity Switzerland.

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FMD, ForumMusikDiversität Schweiz 

Vielfalt, Farbigkeit und Abwechslung im Musikbetrieb entstehen, wenn die Chancengleichheit von Frau und Mann ernst genommen wird, Brücken gebaut, Minderheiten gezielt gefördert und der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt werden. Die Tätigkeiten des FMD richten sich an alle im Musikbereich Tätigen und Interessierten

Das FMD, ForumMusikDiversität Schweiz geht aus dem FrauenMusikForum FMF hervor, das 1982 im Zuge der zweiten Welle der Frauenbewegung gegründet wurde. Das FMD ist Kompetenzzentrum für den Themenkomplex Musik, Gender und Diversität und macht sich öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit in diesen Bereichen zur Aufgabe.


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