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2023 August and always again
ARTISTINTHEWORLD is a journey through the art world with the aim of photographing as many artists as possible in their studios. The contact between the artists themselves is an important part of this, they determine the path that is taken. Via-via to the next destination, artists present their friends and colleagues here. In this way, a unique network is created organically. AITW-HUBSA-AIR is a unique residence that is part of the ARTISTINTHEWORLD photo project. These HUBSA-AIRS are set up at various locations in this worldwide network. The shape can vary depending on the location, it can be a mobile home or caravan, but also a tiny house, apartment, hotel room or studio. The nomadic aspects of ARTISTINTHEWORLD come together in AITW-HUBSA-AIR, they are sanctuaries, safe havens in the wild landscape of art. An AITW-HUBSA-AIR is a room in which people live and work at the same time. A HUBSA-AIR will always be in motion as a presentation space where artists can linger, experiment and exhibit for a period of time.


2024 28th of January-4th of February
Here here announcement for an opening on her last 2 days on board. Very curious to see her resault of this week in the HUBSA.
Here final work for the folder LORIN'S artist residency HUBSA will be showed here too!


2024 02 03 HUBSA 1. Marja yellow.jpg
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