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Unauthorized Sunset, concert performance

Asako Fujimoto and Niki Neecke play under the name UNAUTHORIZED SUNSET futuristic electronic psychedelia. Fixed arrangements and song structures serve as a timeline for freely improvised sound experiments. The electronic instrumentation of synthesizers and effects devices is expanded to include voice and acoustic instruments. Diverse musical influences come together and merge together in beauty and positivism.

To add a visual dimension, Maxime Lethelier builds one object at a time, which is then used as a screen for a laser projection. This object stands - as a third stage member, so to speak - between the musicians.



Sound artist ASAKO FUJIMOTO is interested in sonic representations of nature, algorithmic composition, new media, audiovisual installation performances and theater/film collaborations. After musical beginnings in the New York electronic music scene with analog and digital synthesizers and acoustic field recordings, she appears as 

a singer in solo projects and has worked with several groups on tours and releases. Living in Europe, she began working on sound design for multimedia art installations, spatial audio and algorithmic compositions exhibited at e.g. ZKM, European Capital of Culture, Venice Biennale, Athens Digital Art Festival, Hermitage Museum, etc.


NIKI NEECKE, born in Freiburg i. Br., grew up in Basel and lives in Berlin, studied at the Basel School of Design and “Audio Design” with Wolfgang Heiniger and Thomas Kessler at the Basel University of Music. He works as a freelance musician, sound designer and composer for stage, film and sound art internationally and for various forms of theater, in long-term collaboration with well-known directors at state theaters as well as in the independent scene, including contemporary, concert setting of silent films, conception and realization of walk-in, interactive sound installations and sound game objects under the labels “SONOgames” and “Useful_Updates“.


After completing his master‘s degree in fine arts and new media with a focus on stage design in 2008, the French media artist MAXIME LETHELIER developed his works in various areas as interactive installations, augmented stage design for theater or interactive visual solutions for music or video content. He explores real-time data sets, monitors them in online databases, implements custom sensor solutions, focuses on using personalized and handcrafted display techniques to fuse these artistic aspects. He collaborated with several theater groups and musicians to create transmedia projects.

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