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ROBIN BECKER  V/N OI C/S E is a vocal electronic solo piece and a sound meditation at the interface of man and machine, performed by Robin Becker. It explores a variety of sound textures and culminates in the transformation of the human voice into unrecognizable digital noise: a continuous deep vocal drone based on the vowel "A", which gently, controlled by electronics, creates a wide variety of sound textures. Over the course of 20 to 30 minutes, an inconspicuous change from voice to noise is slowly carried out by overlaying the various sound textures, in which the sung sounds gradually seemingly lose any trace of humanity and transcend into the abstraction of machine digitality.


FILIPPO GILLONO Strasbourg, Cologne.

His research initially focused on the concept of loss of control as an improvisational practice. Currently the approach in foreground is, traditional instruments such as the acoustic guitar, implemented with experiments in feedback resonance and the spectrum of a freely invented unusual electronic setup.

BO HELLER shows simultaneously with Robin Becker's V/N OI C/S E a stage design-costume hybrid in the context of his cable studies, consisting of sculptural fabrics of sound cables entangled with the stage and the performer. The boundaries between humans and machines are now blurring not only acoustically, but also visually and spatially. The cables are thus relocated from the periphery to the center of perception, thereby exposing the non-human agents and materialities in the process highlight artistic production. The stage design costume is created afresh with each performance, a unique and temporary assemblage of situation, objects and artistic intentionality.

EERO SCHOCH  plays a special program of purely acoustic classical piano music as an interlude between the two

high-quality digitally productions. He is the youngest of the whole ensemble and has been interested since his tender childhood in demanding piano literature from the past centuries. His program:

Debussy Preludes Livre II: Bruyères

Chopin Nocturne no. 11 in G minor

Czerny The Art of Finger Dexterity: no. 45

Clara Wieck Souvenir de Vienne Impromptu op.9

XICORIBAS Basel, Duisburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam

May nature gambol looks at the world from a longing for a truth that seems to be in a final attempt to bring the world to ever-vibrant life. An environment of connection and agency emerges, marked by the inevitable anger as we watch everything fall apart and our zero capacities become endless. The approach of always changing forms, not setting priorities, the love of chaos that is found everywhere in nature is intended to serve as self-reflection: How can we believe that we can continue to grow on this planet if we continue to use it like this treat us as if we were its rulers and not its participants? Could we build a technological society? That learns to interact with the natural, to bow to the natural instead of stepping over it?

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