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Lorin’s Captain's Cabins complete, Captain's Cabins Portside  or Captain's Cabin Starboard

The stern apartment of the Cultural Cargo Ship Lorin is after a violent fire completely new rebuilt with mahogany wood, birch wood, granite kitchen top, double glass windows, dimmable lights, floor heating and good mattresses. Modern, well equiped kitchen and living room are combined in one room. The "portside cabin" and "starboard cabin" each have a double bed measuring 130x200, plus extra space for taller feet. The bathroom includes a shower and stays in the holy original shape!


You can rent the whole apartment or only the starboard sailor cabin or only the portside captain cabin. If you rent just one cabin you probably share living, kitchen and bath.


The Cargo Space and the Stern Apartment have the same entry by the wheelhouse. Turning to the left it goes towards the completely independent Cargo Space.

The only sharing area’s are the entry and the decks.


Prices per 1 guest and 1 night:

Complete EUR 108

Starboard EUR 72

Portside  EUR 72


cleaning per booking EUR 25

per extra guest per night EUR 23

discount per week 10%

discount per month  60%

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Our floor heating is organized by an App. Each region i can fit to your wishes, until max 20 degrees is our use. Please don’t try manually to adapt the temperature. It will fall back to the old temperature and will do just a chaos. :) Just let me know, and i’ll adapt immediately, doesn’t matter where i am, it works.

Your trash you can daily bring out to the public trash very near to our ship. Paper and glass i will bring it to the recycling station

Please check well that all lights are turned off.

WLAN only for easy use like chatting or finding locations. no downloads, no movies. our heating system would collaps.



Please bring the towels, for each person one large one and one small one, to the washing machine in the kitchen.

If you rent some rooms of Cultural Cargo Boat Lorin, you automatically support

d r i v i n g s o u n d s & a r t s   and our annual projects  LORIN'S PROMENADES



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