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Mörsbergerstrasse 28

CH 4057 Basel

d   r   i   v   i   n   g   s   o   u   n   d   s   &   a   r   t   s


Things are often different on the water and a small, normal breakdown on land cannot be compared to small, normal breakdowns on board.

Above all, the entire artistic and nautical crew is fantastic and deserves fair fees.

The FMD, ForumMusicDiversity Switzerland is part of Lorin's Promenade. The FMD has in Basel with Lorin a unique event venue and meeting point. To make this possible, Lorin has to be brought to Basel from far away every year, as long as there is still no permanent berth in Basel. We on the board of FMD also think that it is a good opportunity to bring our message of equal opportunities to different countries independently and cost-effectively.

This all, Lorin's Promenade and FMD, are done 100% on a nonprofit basis.

All support is worth its weight in gold to us, we will thank you very much and reserve free places on board Lorin!

Welcome on board!

By clicking on the logo we can get in touch by email. We would be happy for that!

Migros Bank

d r i v i n g s o u n d s & a r t s

Mörsbergerstrasse 28

CH 4057 Basel

CH49 0840 1000 0540 4764 1

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