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ARTISTINTHEWORLD's photo playlist runs as a loop on a well-traveled monitor. ARTISTINTHEWORLD travels the world and photographs artists in their studios, always with their backs to him. His central aim in this series of special encounters is to celebrate the diversity of life in terms of background, experience and perspective, thus making a reality visible. This year, the CargoSpaceGallery is being expanded to include the ArtistResidency in the sailor's apartment in the bow. It has developed into a work of art itself through his murals, called HUBSA #5 @ LORIN.

ROBIN BECKER's work NOTATIONS covers three surfaces: The front surface - also the back wall of the stage during the concerts - as well as two smaller surfaces in height, one at the entrance to the gallery and one in the middle, each incorporating the side struts. NOTATIONS, a collaborative, graphically notated, musical-visual art work got created with the  e n s e m b l e d r i v i n g s o u n d s & a r t s , created through 

listening meditation -> voice meditation -> voice improvisation -> instant composition. 

BO HELLER presents a site-specific expanded video installation engaging with the hypothesis of pre-Socratic philosopher Thales of Miletus that everything is water. This notion is transposed onto a contemporary context, treating discourses on thought, rationality, and substance.


NIKI NEECKE: His USEFUL_UPDATES objects are about the pretending to liveliness in dead matter. This can be achieved with splushies very easily, a subtype of dolls. We all had one or more plushies as children. They were our companions in many situations. We talked to them, they comforted us. With them we recreated and acted out life situations. This conditioning has remained. I equip the plushies, which are usually bought at flea markets, with sensors, an electronic sound-generating circuit and a loudspeaker. The use of sensors enables “communication” with the illusion of life.

MARJA VAN PUTTEN, the first artist in residence on board, uses to artistically explore her origins a puzzle from her childhood, the Van Nelle building where Art Rotterdam takes place every year. THE HANGING MOBILE out of the 

remaining 70 pieces is hung in groups of 1, 3 or 5 pieces along different lines, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden, at different distances and heights, expanded with eye-catching color elements, or larger self-made pieces of the same shape. A remnant from the ship‘s baptism on October 28, 2023, and the basic elements of the project, the wedding rings of Anmari Mëtsa Yabi Wili‘s parents, as well as the one ring that her mother always wore in the last years of her life, will also be included.


ANMARI MËTSA YABI WILI  places at RINGS, Origin, a mother pillow with several baby pillows along the walls, in a continuous rhythm regarding the distances. Delicate little styrofoam clouds stand for WINGS, air, peace. A video with wandering rings, which also plays on deck during the PerformanceDrives, is projected in customized editing through and across the CargoSpaceGallery.


NIKI NEECKE und ANMARI MËTSA YABI WILI bring alternately underwater sounds and sounds just above the water into the CargoSpaceGallery using hydromicrophones, mixed with edited and neutral sounds. During this constantly varying sound exposure, the special side effect is achieved that we can hear, for example, a motorboat approaching much earlier than our ears above the water can hear.


The PERFORMANCES LORIN'S POST OFFICE with ANMARI MËTSA YABI WILI at 4.30 p.m. LORIN'S POST OFFICE involve the guests in a reflective way as active performers in the action. To RINGS, origin and WINGS, freedom, dove of peace?, in combination with the terms PEACE, LOVE, JOY, research is carried out to determine who it makes most sense to send a message to. The resulting letters can be sent via water by message in a bottle and sometimes, as a surprise, through the air via letter doves.

A central EXHIBITION TABLE offers space for all visual artists in the ensemble for smaller works of all kinds that are related to the project theme. The proceeds will be divided equally between the respective artists and Lorin.




Mon 10.6. - Sun 16.6.

Wed 19.6.-Sun 23.6.

Wed 26.6.-Sun 30.6.


Quai des Belges "81"

Wed 28.8. - Mon 2.9.




Fri 6.9. - Tue 10.9.



Wed 25.9. - Mon 30.9.



Thu 3.10. - Fri 4.10.



Mon 7.10.. - Sat 12.10.

always open from 14.00 - 18.00, always at 16.30: performance LORIN'S POST OFFICE 

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